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3d pirate tattoos on full back

3D Pirate Tattoos

3d Pirate Tattoos

3D Pirate Tattoos and Pirate Designs On Different Parts Of The Body

The 3d pirate tattoos are a classic tattoo design with the modern technology and inks to produce a truly awesome 3d pirate tattoo. Take a look at some of these 3d pirate tattoo designs and get some ideas for your pirate tattoo!


3D Pirate Tattoos On Full Back

This stunning 3d pirate tattoos design and shading is very eye catching . the gray shades of this pirate tattoo draw in the eyes to the darker portions and bring out the details. Very nice work on this full back 3d  tattoo.

3d pirate tattoos

3d Davey Jones pirate tattoo




3D Pirate Warrior Tattoo

The detail on this 3d pirate warrior tattoo are truly amazing. The depth of the shading and the dark inks really bring out this 3d pirate tattoo and make it pop!



3d pirate tattoos evil pirate warrior

3d evil pirate warrior tattoo on arm

3d Pirate Skull ans Ship Tattoo

This creative pirate design where the ship and the skull come together as on is rally unique. The slight coloring of this pirate inspired tattoo add to its depth and its appeal.

3d pirate tattoos skull and ship combined

3d pirate and ship tattoo combined in one piece


3D Pirate Tattoo with Banner And Swords

This pirate tattoo that plays on the skull and cross bones design in nice with the swords , the banner on the top of the pirate skull and the depth of the shading. Very nice pirate themed tattoo.

3d pirate and swords

3d pirate skull and swords tattoos

Davey Jones 3D Pirate Arm Sleeve Tattoo

This eye catching pirate tattoos design is that of Davey Jones from the pirates of the Caribbean films. The depth , shading , and detail of this tattoo are truly great work.

3d pirate davy jones tattoo

3d davey jones tattoo on arm

Incredible Ghost Ship 3d Pirate Tattoos!

These ghostly 3D arm sleeve tattoos of ghost pirate ships are amazing. The black and grey tones and the depth of the design are all top notch pirate tattoo all the way.

3d pirate ship  on arm tattoos

pirate hip tattoo in 3d on arms

Pirate ship Tattoo On Full Side Of Woman’s Body

This very long side pirate ship tattoo goes all the way from her hip to her shoulder. The unfinished design is really starting to tale shape with the hull and the waves of this tattoo ready for some color.

 3d pirate ship tattoo on side

3d pirate ship tattoo on side of a girls body

Awesome full Arm Pirate Ship Tattoo

This full arm sleeve pirate ship design is very intricate and well thought out in the tattoo design stage. The highly detailed ships hull , the sails , and the added colors around the tattoo really make this pirate ship pop out at you.

3d pirate ship tattoos

3d pirate ship tattoos on arm

Pirate Ship 3D Tattoo on Right Arm

The black inks and the touch of color on this highly detailed pirate ship tattoo is very good work. The red toned shading makes the whole tattoo design jump out at you and catches your eye.

3d pirate ship tattoos

detailed 3d pirate ship tattoo

3d Pirate Ship And Sails Tattoo

Very dark inks and dark shadings on this tattoo are very cool. The darkness of the tattoo design and ink shading portrays a dark mood. Love it!

3d pirate ship sails tattoo

3d pirate ship sails tattoo


Classic Pirate Skull Tattoo in 3D Design

This is one awesome looking 3d pirate skull tattoo. The bone ear ring , the crossbones hat , and the creepy expression add to the impact and eye catching factor of this 3d pirate tattoos design!

3d pirate skull tattoos

3d pirate skulls tattoo



3D Pirate Tattoo Design

This awesome concept tattoo design with green eyes zombie pirate shooting his musket with the glowing green barrel is way cool and would look great on someones body as a tattoo in 3d.

3d pirate tatoo design

full color 3d pirate tattoo design

Pirate Tattoo In Red Shading

Awesome skull tattoo pirate design with red shading to really bring out the details. The dew rag with skull and cross bones as well as the gold earring really scream pirate tattoo!  

3d pirate tatto

3d pirate tattoo skull on arm



Pirate tattoo Design

This is another great design for a 3d pirate tattoo. The awesome pirate captains hat , patch over the eye of the skull, the long hair , skeleton body and the old school uniform really make a great 3d pirate tattoos design.

3d pirate tattoo design 2

awesome 3d pirate tattoo design




Black and White 3D Pirate Tattoo Design

This awesome pirate tattoo design with open rib cage , knife in his mouth , and swinging his lantern with the crows nest in the background are way cool,

Also like the sword and the leather belt with pirate pouch.

3d pirate tattoo design 3

highly detailed 3d pirate tattoo design

Pirate Ship Tattoo Design This pirate ship design with rotting sails and the ghostly face covering the hull is one cool pirate style tattoo design. also lie the hanging sea weed like effect on the hull.

3d pirate tattoo design

3d pirate ship tattoo design

3d pirate ship tattoo on arm

3d pirate ship tattoos on arm

3d pirate tattoos 2

3d pirate skull tattoo

3d pirate tattoos on back

full back 3d pirate tattoos

3d pirate tattoos on full back

different lighting on the same 3d pirate full back tattoo

3d pirate tattoos with octopuss

3d tattoos of octopus and pirate on the arms

3d full back tattoo pirate design

full 3d pirate tattoo design covering whole back

3d pirate tattooscovering whole back

3d pirate themed sleeve tatto

pirate themed 3d tattoo on arm

arm sleeve pirate 3d tattoo

3d arm sleeve pirate tattoo

decaying pirate tatto full pirateshipp in 3d on back tattoo

pirate 3d tattoo sleeve
pirate and bandana pirate and compass 3d tat pirate and octopuss 3d tattoo sleeve pirate and squid tattoo in 3d

pirate ship 3d tattoo
pirate ship and map 3d tattoos in grey

pirate ship tattoo

pirate warrior tattoo


pirste ship and ocean tattoo sleeve


3d Pirate Tattoos

3D Pirate Tattoos Videos