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3d hand tattoos

3D Hand Tattoos – Unbelievable Hand Tattoos

3D Hand Tattoos

“3D Hand Tattoos” in many designs and colors. These 3d hand tattoos are optical illusions on the skin and some of the most amazing things you’ll ever see.

Enjoy these Pictures of 3D hand Tattoos In Color and also in black inks.

3d Hand Tattoos With Ripped Skin

This awesome 3d hand tattoo design is a ripped skin version exposing the cyborg like tentacles underneath. Very nice tattoo shading on this 3d hand tattoo.

The black ink outlines and shading really bring out the inner details.


3d hand tattoos ripped skin tattoo

3d hand tattoos with ripped skin

3d Hand Tattoo With Very Bright Colors!

Very bright blues and greens on this 3d hand tattoo design. The yellow ink really makes the green pop and the red outlines of the unfinished part of the tattoo give an idea of what to come when this 3d hand tattoo is finished.


3d hand tattoo in full brilliant colors

3d hand tattoos in full color , out line , and shadings

3D hand Tattoo In Incredible Dark Colors

The depth of color on this 3d hand tattoo design are truly striking.

The very rich purples , reds , teals and black , makes this tattoo pop and grab attention very quickly.

Incredible use of colors on this awesome 3d hand tattoo design.

3d hand tattoos that is very colorful and bright

bright deep colors on this 3d hand tattoo design




3d Skulls On Hand Tattoos

These awesome 3d skulls on the hand are truly awesome to look at. The use of the darker colors on this hand tattoo , the shading , and the overall deign are quality tattoo work all around.

3d hand tattoos with skulls on hands tattoos

3d skulls on hands tattoos

Very Colorful 3D Hand Tattoo!

Incredible use of colors in this 3d hand tattoo design. The purples , greens , and pinks in this design all combine tastefully with the reds to create a very eye catching 3d hand tattoo design.

full 3d hand tattoo very colorful

full color 3d hand tattoo in very bright greens and blues



Very Intricate #d Hand Tattoo Design

The vast use of colors , textures , and shading on these two 3d hand tattoos are very artistic and creative to say the least.

The alien looking bulges on the hands in green ink and the golden bands coming from the knuckles are very eye catching. This is definitely a quality 3d hand tattoo design.

3d full color hand tattoos in lizard scales

3d hand tattoo in bright colors and lizard scales

Incredible Hulk 3D Hand Tattoo

3d hand tattoo of the incredible hulk. What a great way to show your a fan of a comic book hero than this.

Very cool and creative tattoo for the hand in 3d.

full color 3d hand tattoo incredible hulk

incredible hulk 3d hand tattoo

Another View Of The Green And Blue 3D hand Tattoo

The yellows , greens , and black outlines and the shadings of this tattoo are very awesome .

This tattoo covers the entire hand and the design extends down to the finger tips , very awesome and creatively colorful 3d hand tattoo!

full color 3d hand tattoo

3d hand tattoos in full colors

3D Hand Tattoo Of Guitar

Very creative and cool guitar design of a 3d tattoo on the hand. The use of the black and grey inks and the white highlights keep this tattoo noticeable but yet too overwhelming in design.

Very creative and well executed 3d hand tattoo design.

3d guitar hand tattoo

guitar tattoo on hand in 3d

Very Interesting Tribal Hand Tattoos

This black tribal design on the palms of both hands id very intricate and very eye catching. Lots of complex curves , dots , and angles at work in this hand tattoo design.

3d tattoos on palm of hands

3d tattoo designs on the palms of the hands



Very Detailed 3D Hand Tattoo Design On Palm!

The colors on this palm of the hand tattoo are way cool. The silvers , the reds , and the torn skin tattoo design are very creative and the under the skin cyborg appearance is awesome also!

3d tattoo on palm of hand

incredible realistic 3d tattoo on the palm of the hand

Very Colorful 3D Hand Tattoo

This absolutely gorgeous light blue , purple, and black 3d hand tattoo is simply beautiful. The black hair , blue shading and blending , and reds around the green eyes are simply colorful and eye catching which id everything a tattoo should be.

3d tattoo on hand full color face

full color face tattoo in blue and black ink on the hand in 3d

Skull Finger Tattoos on The Hand

These awesome little skull tattoos on the fingers give the effect of rings . The cool rib cages on the lower fingers is a very creative touch to these otherwise tiny hand tattoos.

3d skulls on hand and fingers tattoo

3d skulls on fingers of hand tattoo


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