3D Tattoos-The Art Of 3D Tattooing


3D Tattoos-The Art Of 3D Tattooing

3D tattoos , 3D Tattooing , and the art , science , and technology of 3D Tattoos!

3D Tattoos and 3D Tattooing

3d tattoo completely covering a hand

3D tattoos and tattooing are the new rage in the tattoo industry. These creative , sexy , technically striking, and breath taking tattoo designs are truly incredible to behold.

When most people think of tattoos , they think of blotchy , faded , old school tattoos on a sailors arm from the navy.

The fact is that tattoo technology such as quality tattooing inks ,3D tattooing equipment , modern design and printing software , better tattoo artists , as well as today’s skin care technology , the old , faded , dried up looking tattoos are a thing of the past.

3D Tattoo Inks

Today’s tattoo inks are a

 major factor in how tattoo artists can create the modern 3D Tattoos on human skin that basically look professionally painted portraits.

Modern tattoo inks not only are comprised of better quality ink materials , but they are also longer lasting , and flow a lot better than tattoo inks from even a few years ago.

Modern tattoo inks are made to have brighter , more intense , and longer lasting colors in the skin of the tattoo recipient.

A professional tattoo artist with modern tattoo equipment and modern tattoo inks can create 3d tattoo masterpiece on your skin that is not only attention getting and breath taking , but also a quality 3d tattoo that will be as colorful 30 years from now that it is the day you got it done.

The modern , experienced tattoo artist can create some insanely striking and almost breath taking 3D tattoos that you have to look at twice to make sure they are even real!


3D Tattooing Equipment

Modern 3D tattooing equipment has come a long way from the buzzy , loud , hard to control , and hard to guide tattoo guns of the past.

Modern micro motor technology in today’s tattooing equipment along with surgically precise tattoo outlining , tattoo coloring , and tattoo shading needles make it possible for an experienced tattoo artist to create a stunning 3D tattoo that you will be happy with for life!

Lets take a look at some stunning 3d tattoo designs and maybe you can gather some 3d tattoo ideas of your own from the photos.

3D Tattoo Completely Covering Back

This incredibly detailed cyborg 3d tattoo is amazing!

Incredible 3d tattoo in grays and blacks completely covering this mans back.

The shading , detail , and artistic creativity of this “3d tattoo design is truly amazing.

I can only imagine how much time , money , and pain this stunning 3d tattoo is responsible for.

Absolutely stunning tattoo design!

3d tattoo completely covering back

3d tattoo completely covering this mans back with awesome 3d shqding

3D Gladiator Tattoo On Arm

This impressive 3D gladiator tattoo on the arm is very interesting.

The lighter colors and the tattoos shading really bring out the depth of this “artistic tattoo design“.

The fiery background and the attention to detail on the muscles of the gladiator is awesome.

The white highlighting on this “3d tattoo design” is very impressive as well.

3d roman gladiator tattoo

3d roman gladiator tattoo

Skull Tattoo In 3d On Arms

Two slightly different views of the same 3d skull tattoo on this mans arm.

The tattoo inks in reds and blacks give a great contrast to the overall appearance of this 3d tattoo.The black eyes of the skull and the darker areas of detail around the edges of this 3d tattoo really force the perspective and bring out the other details in this arm tattoo.

3d skull tattoo

awesome 3d skull tattoo

3D Spinal Column Tattoo

This all over the back 3d tattoo design is a wonder of the human anatomy done in a tattoo!

If you look close you’ll notice that this is a 3d tattoo in progress as in fact not even finished yet!

The vertebrae , the shoulder blades , and the connecting tissues are coming to life in this 3d tattoo design.

Also notice the slightly different shading in the vertebrae section which is more of a reddish colored tattoo ink.

3d spinal column tattoo

spinal column tattoo in black ink and shading n 3d

incredible all over back 3d tattoo

3d tattoo in color

3d full color tattoo

3d tattoo of claw ripping through skin

3d tattoo of claws ripping through skin in full color

3d tattoo portrait 3

3d tattoo showing depth

depth of shading in a 3d tattoo

3d zipper tattoo on shoulder

3d opened skin and zipper tattoo on shoulfer

insane 3d tattoo

completely covered back with a 3d tattoo

money 3d tattoo

3d hand tattoo of 100 dollar bills

multi color 3d tattoo

colorful 3d tattoo on arms


3d tattoos